Have your own idea how you can use our fishing rod holders? Email us at KatydidFishingProducts@gmail.com and let us know about it.  Or, better yet, send us a picture of your idea put to use and we'll add it to the website.

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Mount Single Bay rod holders to clamps; cut the Triple Bay rod holders into three single rod holders to fit over a railing; or just use your imagination to create ways to use our versatile rod holders on public docks for easy installation and removal.

Triple Bay Flat rod holders work great on railings where the Triple Bay Box rod holder may either be too large or too small, or on railings you make out of PVC or 2X4s.  Single Bay rod holders will also work where you want to determine your own spacing.

Single Bay rod holders or Triple Bay Flat rod holders  can be mounted directly into the boat gunnels for either freshwater or inshore saltwater use.

You can mix and match the  Triple Bay Box and Single Bay units ...

Here are just a few examples of what you can do to your pontoon boat, jon boat, flats boat, or dock to make it more "fishable".

One of our customers found a way to use them on his jon boat by reconfiguring the bolt system for the base.  He added two nuts on the bolt inside of the base, one against the base and the other against the T-knob. Then he pops it over the boat's railing with the T-knobs again the outside of the boat.  This enables him to slide the rod holders anywhere along the railing.

These are just a few examples of the numerous ways the Single Bay, Triple Bay Flat or Triple Bay Box rod holders can be adapted for use on your boat, dock, or public dock with a little imagination.

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Mount Single Bay rod holders or Triple Bay Flat rod holders toward the inside edge of wide dock railings to allow the holder to be adjusted to the proper angle for fishing.

to create the "spider fishing" effect.